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Watford 2 - Bolton Wanderers 1

nPower Championship

Vicarage Road

2 Feb 2013

Attendance: 13,223

Referee: Adcock

2 - 1
Bolton Wanderers
Vydra (36), Abdi (70)
Sordell (32 PEN)
Venue: Vicarage Road
Attendance: 13,223
The Teams
De Ridder
C Davies
K Davies
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

The Journalist

Writer: AlParklar Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 2 2013

Time: 5:33PM

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Well done Ed! Appreciated. Manager does a Megson in his post match interview. "If you have any idea of what you are talking about then you would know we are playing well" What? Today?
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02/02/2013 18:04:00

24 points dropped from winning positions this season. Playing well?
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02/02/2013 18:05:00

Desperately disappointing result today. I was pretty encouraged by the performance against Everton, the incoming players, the injured ones soon to return, but we seem to have suffered all the same old frailties today. Not building on a lead, not holding a lead for more than five minutes, defensive cock-ups, a lack of momentum going forward blah blah blah. I know DF errors very much on the side of caution and slowly building but he needs to integrate these new guys sooner rather than later and let's hope to god that they bring a change. Dougie's not worried but we're only three points of the drop places now. I don't think we'll go down but that really is rubbish.
Skopelos Chris
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02/02/2013 18:11:00

Hard Facts : Coyle 10 games-W3 D2 L5 Points 11 . Philips 6 games - W2 D3 L1 Points 9. Freedman 13 games-W3 D5 L5 points 14. Worst results under Freedman, best under Philips. Games against the top 10 clubs, Coyle 4, Philips 3, Freedman 3. By far Philips was our best manager and Freedman our worst, worse than Coyle !. If you multiply Philips average result or 1.5 points per game x 19 games =29+ Coyles 11 = 40 points. I have to repeat the facts last 7 games only 1 win, 2 draws, 4 defeats, that is shocking. Philips also had the highest goals a game %. I belief we now have 14 midfielders on the books and only 5 strikers, even though we desperately need the latter seeing we cannot score more than one goal a game. Gartside and Freedman are failures, I mean true failures, results do not lie, the only thing that doesn't lie. Whoever says we cannot get relegated I recall Coyle said the same thing last season at this time, remember results under Freedman are the worst. Where is Gartside now ? will the chairman please issue a statement to the fans, noting that the manager he did not want has just led his team to an emphatic thrashing of Middlesborough.
aussie mike
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02/02/2013 20:28:00

I think when Dougie took the job he genuinely thought that most of our players were still Premiership quality and we were in a false position in the league. I really hope it has now dawned on him that a lot of them are not fit for the Championship never mind the Premiership. The defence is possibly the weakest in the division and their is still a large Stuart Holden shaped hole in the centre of midfield, almost two years after dirty Jonny Effing Evans took him out. What I find most worrying today was that the commentator on the radio was questioning the effort and commitment of most of our team, particuarly in the second half, in fact he said only Spearing seemed to care. When effort and commitment are being questioned we have very serious problems, Dougie has to sort the slackers out or it will be him who takes the rap. Just remember Dougie, a lot of these players lost Owen Coyle his job.
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02/02/2013 20:53:00

Very telling stats there. Coyle needed to go but jiminho's record from the subs bench deserved a go at it. I agree DF must have thought he was inheriting a much stronger base than proved to be the case. But given his previous stats as a manager at Palace I don't really know why he was so wanted by PG. Would we get rid a la Blackburn and Berg? Or is that just stupid? I think DF has some good ideas and probably the right approach but his record isn't pretty and given his caution and tentative approach the revival we are looking for could be a very long way off . Given PG's statement about the absolute need to get promotion this year I think some comment now from him on our strategy at board level would be very welcome. I hope I'm being over critical and doom laden here but the facts speak for themselves. Decline is continuing and the fighting spirit we want is just not there. Realistically we are looking at building for next season one but DF and co need to make sure we don't go down. It is a real risk.
Skopelos Chris
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02/02/2013 21:30:00

Our 3rd deluded manager? Sound like the remarks made by someone else not so long ago?
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02/02/2013 23:33:00

So it is all over, I think we have to accept that we will be in the Championship again next year (I refuse to think of the more likely alternative to the premiership next year).
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03/02/2013 00:29:00

20th!! Really I can't quite believe it, where on earth are the players I watched against Everton. I was expecting us to get a win today and listening to the first half an hour I was even more encouraged, but then we scored, nearly scored again and promptly lost.
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03/02/2013 00:50:00

everything comes down to results and results need a team who will attack with the ability to score goals. For that you need a manager who can structure his team and motivate them to play that way. Relegation is a real possibility yet again and Freedman has done nothing to prevent that, McCarthy has taken Ipswich above us, he has done everything expected of him, everything we believed he would have done for us, underlining the impact a good experienced manager can have on a team that is floundering that has lost all confidence. Getting a team to play well relies heavily on confidence both individually and collectively as a team, that is were the manager comes in, that is one of his primary roles, for that you need a confident manager - I dont think Freedman has that confidence or the fire in his belly to get the best out of our players. He has brought new lads in but has not started them, why? yesterday Reading played a 17 year old just arrived from Yeovil Town, staight into prem action. While Freedman fiddles his thumbs putting the same losing team out claiming the new lads are not fit - GARBAGE - the existing players have had their chances, the new guys should go in the team straight away, appeasing senior players ? forget it - this is survival. Gartside has some serious thinking to chew over, whoever is controlling our team is failing badly and we need a remedy, positive decisive action needs to be taken fast. All the teams at the top have goalscorers, Watford have 2 lads with 30 goals to their name, Burnley have a lad with 25 goals to his name, we have Eagles with 7 ! that sums it up, as I have said for months & months we need an attack that can put the ball in the net, we need confidence for that, nothing special, simply reproducing what the lads do every day in training - that comes down to the managers influence.
aussie mike
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03/02/2013 12:25:00

I have to agree with mike. Even my eternal optimism is being severely tested. No more good performances with nothing to show. No more " we didn't get what we deserved". It has to end now and we must have a solid foundation for our attempt at getting up next year. If we get less than 7 out of the next 9 available points then the unthinkable may have to happen and Freedman be let go. Give Phillips lee etc. another tilt and see what happens. I can't quite believe I am saying that!!
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03/02/2013 13:19:00

Another relegation battle lads.
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03/02/2013 14:36:00

I agree with all these sentiments. The problem I have seen all season long both under Coyle and Freedman is a lack of fight in the squad as a whole. We repeatedly see performances played at a slow pace and seemingly no ability or drive to impose ourselves on teams with sometimes a desperate, but still half hearted push in the last quarter to try and win/save the game. We've heard all season from all our managers that the effort's been there and it'll all start to click soon. Effort? Yes probably, but belief and fire in the belly certainly not. We have a squad who should have been able to at least get close to the stated objective of returning to the prem first time round. Although clearly we don't score enough and the defending has been awful we still should be in way better place than we are now. The pattern of of our play has stabilised, and the defending improved a bit under DF, but to make a pass and move playing style work you need to play with what Alan Gowling was endlessly mentioning when he was on the radio - tempo. And we simply don't have it 90% of the time. Patient build up is ok but you also have to work harder than the opponents and put them on the back foot. If we could introduce this into our play we probably would score the goals we've been missing, and take the anxiety out of games. We've added good players in this transfer window and got the injured ones to come back soon. That's good but if we can't get them to work harder and dominate the other lot then nothing will change. It's all over for this season but to quote an old song 'We're in a rut and we've gotta get out of it, out of it, out of it...' Come on Wanderers, get a shift on and change this mentality quickly. We need to hit the ground running next season and that needs to start now.
Skopelos Chris
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03/02/2013 14:47:00

Hey - next season could be division 1 , dont ever take anything for granted, we learned that last year. Everyone at the club must have their heads up their back ends, we are not a premiership team, we may in the near future not even be a championship club. Freedman is a disgrace - the new signings should be playing, they should have been out there at Watford. The recent goals from Sordell are a bonus, they should never be the only goals to be scored - what the hell are the other players doing ? You can pass the ball for 90 minutes and dominate all you like, without the goals you might as well lie down and whistle dixie. What happens during training ? does Freedman tell the lads 'don't worry your prem class, everything will change, carry on ' Why does he go on about the academy - he has bigger problems to concentrate on, like winning a game for starters. Maybe the academy is his level ? that would explain a great deal, move him down and bring Philips back in. I would hold training sessions every day, have two teams, 1st team and reserve team - 1st team attack against reserve defence and reserve attack against 1st team defence, tweak it each day and on the Friday whoever had performed the best that week would be in my 11 for the match Saturday, no names just log the numbers on each back, if it transpired the entire reserve team did best they would get the vote - no nonsense, no favourites, merit first and last. Looking at Managers, years ago under Roy McFarland we were dreadful one game, thrashed 4-0, after the game he stuck his head in the changing room and quietly said ' see you all on Tuesday at training' that was it ! Under Bruce, Todd, Allardyce, any bad below par performance was met with fire and extra training, simply not accepted or allowed. I have never previously witnessed a Bolton team that consistently struggles to score goals, this has been going on for near 2 years, it has to be confidence and style of play, it all comes back to the manager and that then leads to Gartside's door. Results are simply unacceptable, I expect to see a different team run out in the next game and I expect Freedman to be told he is on borrowed time - however, maybe Gartside is prepared to gamble our future once again in favour of his 'choosen one' like he did before.
aussie mike
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03/02/2013 20:00:00

Well we wouldn't be the first to plummet from top to third or fourth tier. You could list half a division of teams who've done that. Could we be the first to do it twice though? That would be disastrous, but despite all the deficiencies mentioned I feel we still can get ourselves in shape for another effort in the right direction next season.
Skopelos Chris
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03/02/2013 21:49:00

More training on passing needed.. Both teams could have won it today.. In this league it's all about the forwards.. U also relie far too much on the strength of your players & not on the finesse.. A total revamp is over due.. I hope it works out... Good luck for the rest of the season..
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03/02/2013 22:51:00

Thanks watford1881 its nice to have some constructive critique from the opposition and its even better when it agrees with what we all are thinking. Good luck to you too.
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03/02/2013 23:00:00

Thanks watford 1881. 2 great goals. If we had Vydra I think we might have won too! Amazed he wasn't stolen from you during the window.
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04/02/2013 02:33:00

Going down, Gartside out, Freedman out, players out. This is all. Good day to you.
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04/02/2013 08:50:00

Sick Sick Sick of yet another manager putting positive spins on lack lustre performances! Freedman is starting to irritate me as much as Coyle did near the end. I wish they would just button it instead of repeatedly talking crap!
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04/02/2013 10:32:00

If we had a management team of Pep Guardiola and Alex Ferguson we would still be in the same position. The players are to blame, they are not putting enough effort in and some of them simply aren't up to it. I won't name individuals but we know who they are. Dougie has to sort out the slackers and get rid of the dead wood as soon as possible. I hope NONE of the current defenders are still at Bolton next season.
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04/02/2013 11:26:00

Danfarn, agree with your comments. If you're not man enough to say it as it is to the reporters, what the hell is said behind closed doors - potentially even less ! ....on another point, looking at performance v Sunderland, then Everton, are we are actually at a turning point and need just 0.1% more to start a good run, or am I smoking the wrong stuff ?
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04/02/2013 12:10:00

Next home match a real teller
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04/02/2013 12:11:00

Yes, considering that Burnley beat Millwall 0-2 away. We could only draw 1-1. Our goal was yet another game when we could not score from open play. One of our many failings at the moment. But we are only "inches" away from the "springboard" to our next win and moving up the table. Yeah right! I will still go to the game supporting the team and expecting to see a lot more passion and never say die attitude from the players and hopefully a 90 minute performance?
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04/02/2013 13:19:00

everything can turn on a goal be it for us or against. Next up we face a lad who is scoring goals for fun, I dread to think what might happen.
aussie mike
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04/02/2013 14:28:00

I can't believe that we have gone from the top half of the premier league to battling relagation in the championship. I know its happened to others but really with the squad we started the season with, even with the injuries we should have stormed it. Unfortunately neither Coyle or Freedman look to have the ability to get the players up for it. I thought we had turned a corner and with the new signings and returning players was looking forward to great end to the season but as other people have said there is no fight from some of these players and they don't look scared to go in losing. I think it would have been different if McCarthy had been given the job.
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04/02/2013 17:34:00

we are now into February and as yet Boltongav, none of the new lads have been given a game, nor have Holden and co who have recovered from injury. There is every reason to feel the team will improve once the more able and talented players get a game, however, the underlying problem of scoring goals, which has haunted the team all season, has not been addressed. I can repeat the same line everytime I write - the most basic need for any team and any manager is getting that ball in the net, Big Sam used the direct route, Freedman and others choose to pass the ball forward, but the bottom line is once you are in or around that box you strike for goal. The only reason we are not in the top 6 is our failure to score, forget defending and midfield, our attack has no end product. Even the greatest team to ever grace a football field - Brazil in the 70's relied on always scoring more goals than the opposition, they invariably always did !Until our management sorts out the attack we are going nowhere, one goal a game average is relegation standard - look at our stats all season - too many drawn games - with the exception of the Peterborough game we have been toothless in front of goal
aussie mike
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04/02/2013 20:50:00

I should mention, while Gartside appears to have concentrated his efforts this season on reducing the wage bill, which may explain why Freedman was appointed - " yes I will go along with that and we will look at bringing young lads in on the cheap" whereas McCarthy probably told Gartside point blank - you wont get back in the prem by offering peanuts - you will only end up with monkeys. So Mr Gartside who knows everything about law and accounting obviously knows absolute shi-te about football and football management. Its a tragedy really as I feel with a solid experienced manager in charge and a proven hit man in attack our season could have been far different.
aussie mike
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04/02/2013 21:01:00

Surely if Saha is available we could pick him up for little wages and not only should he score a few but might help the Ngog's of this world with some advice.
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04/02/2013 22:43:00

Just realised amongst all the doom and gloom we have a game in hand and if we win against Peterborough at home we could jump up 5 places. If we dont win then god knows what will happen.
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04/02/2013 22:48:00

RMc has an interview with Super John tomorrow. The interview we want you to get for US Al is ........ the father of Kevin, Mark, Craig and maybe the rest of our team ........ A great challenge for you Al .................Edwin!
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04/02/2013 22:55:00

we had the bulk of the possession against Watford but could not score, bar the penalty. Its all down to strikers and goals. Leicester snapped up Nugent when we completely ignored him - well we had SKD, look at them now - nothing to do with their midfield or defense, its the goals that lad is knocking in, he makes SKD look like an old shire horse, if it wasnt so bad it would be a laugh, an utter farce.
aussie mike
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05/02/2013 09:47:00

I would just like to clarify, Aussie mike where you feel the problem lies? Is it a) defence b) midfield c) management d) director level e) stadium/catering f) pitch quality or as vernon kaye would say would you like to go for one of your own?
Report Abuse
05/02/2013 10:03:00

It would appear that luis saha has gone to a club in south africa. Another player who could have made a difference for not much money in the short term. We need a feel good factor at the club but at the moment none of the players are providing it. Signing someone like saha could have made a big difference. I hope medo makes a big difference but he ain't a goal scorer.
Report Abuse
05/02/2013 10:12:00

Interview with Super John now up on Manny Road
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05/02/2013 12:42:00

sarcasm aside, for clarity on the pitch our attack is toothless, goals dictate results, therefore the attack holds priority unless we expect midfield and defense to score our goals. Managers should always be judged on results, as results dictate our future more so than chairman/ manager relationships. Freedmans results to date are very poor and worse than expected, where as McCarthy has achieved what he generally does reflecting his abilities as a manager - I think that point is proved. Gartside has appointed and removed our managers for over a decade, nearly all his decisions have turned bad, his pre judgements have been worse - keeping faith with Coyle for too long, removing Philips assuming his inexperience was the key, bringing in Freedman who is equally inexperienced, removing Big Sam. All for reasons that ignored the principle managers are judged on results, Philips & Big Sam had the best results by far yet he removes them, even Megson had decent results, Coyle and Freedman by far the worst results yet they get his support. Results alone dictate our future, so why does Gartside continue to sing from a different hym sheet. If you remove or ignore all the personalities and judge our situation objectively, we have a poor attack, a poor manager and a poor chairman, these are the issues i voice my objections and concerns towards.
aussie mike
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05/02/2013 13:21:00

Promotion was our sole priority this season, 29 games on and 3 points above the relegation slots, would Mr Gartside like to re clarify for the benefit of supporters his previous proclamation. Mr Freedman claims the new players should give the team the lift that is desperately needed, will he explain why the new players are expected to do what he is actually paid to do, or does he concede already that such is beyond him, well he is only the manager or should that read Gartside's poodle.
aussie mike
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05/02/2013 13:33:00

I fear you may have misjudged the tone of my previous post. I agree entirely with you that the attack is our biggest problem coupled with our managers cautious approach and I think that goes for not only everyone on here, but also for all the people who sit near me in the west stand!! My post was trying in vain to point out that you along with us can see the obvious and yet those paid to are incapable of doing so. And another thing, the chairman needs to earn his wages and tell us what's going on.
Report Abuse
05/02/2013 15:26:00

apologies and well said Boltongav. Maybe I elaborate the obvious, while the objectives in football are simple to spell out, achieving those aims can be difficult and elusive. I respect the fact everyone shares a common interest particularly the chairman & management- success for the club. Whether we agree with the decisions taken is rather immaterial, as the team is reshaped over the next few weeks and beyond I can but hope in 12 months time we are in a much better stronger position, heading this league playing good quality football. It would be nice to think we can retain our best players this summer and build on that strength. I have no personal afinity with who may be running the team, far more important that they do an excellent job.
aussie mike
Report Abuse
05/02/2013 16:54:00

I like reading all your comments and opinions because somewhere, hidden in plain sight, is the answer to our problems. All I know for sure is, your comments keep me sane because this team/club is slowly killing me. I know I shouldn't care this much (I don't know why I do) but I can't help it. On a brighter note, in case you haven't seen it, check out Jan Gregus' goal from the friendly with City... World class!
Report Abuse
05/02/2013 17:52:00

Checkout Jan Gregus's screamer on the LOV website. Why can't BWFC or BN put up video highlights of the reserve games at Leyland? It is always filmed from the balcony. This is from the MCFC website. I know Liverpool and Everton websites have their reserve game highlights too.
Report Abuse
05/02/2013 18:57:00


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