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BWFC: You With Me..?

BWFC: You With Me..?

How's the hangover doing? I'm not talking about the one you induced upon yourself after the final whistle. I'm talking about the one that can't be eased by a raw egg cracked into a glass of Alka-Seltzer and Tabasco sauce. I'm not bitter about the outcome of Saturday, how can I be? The fact we were mentioning the play-offs after the season we were suffering under Coyle, is a minor miracle.

To be honest, I didn't feel we would get promoted this season, even if we had made the play-offs. I couldn't envision it. I couldn't imagine it. I couldn't see us getting to Wembley, never mind lifting the trophy. I wasn't feeling any nervous excitement in the build up to 'crunch games'. Not like I should have been. I was waiting for that 'feeling' to wash over me. That feeling when a wave catches your team and it coasts them to the shore of success. I know our home results at the closing stages of the season had the sense of promotion running through them. Our away form, however, meant that 'wave' was constantly breaking. The catalyst for the wave can occur from all forms. It could be a player- like a John McGinlay- who you can just sense is sent from the stars to guide you in your quest. Sometimes the metaphorical wave comes in a literal shift in club fortunes, for example when a new manager brings a Viva la Revolution! Hmmm?

So, with my nerves now settled and my mind at ease, I have questions. My first question isn't regarding Dougie's starting line-up for the Blackpool game (which you are free to discuss in the comments section. I'm sure you have plenty to say). My first question is regarding our current 'Premiership stars'.
I remember, especially earlier in the season, when Bolton were beaten, the opposing manager would brag about how well his team had done. He would brag how Bolton were filled with Premiership players and his team had toppled them. Are we? Would you say Bolton Wanderers have Premier League quality players on their books? Just because we have players who played in the Premier League doesn't mean we have Premier League players. Bradford played in the Premier League once. When they were relegated, were they filled with Premiership quality? More for conversation than statement, is Chungy, Ngog, Eagles, Mavies, Holden et al Premier League quality? If you had the chance to cash-in, whom, if any of the group would be up for sale? I believe Premiership quality resides in several of the players. Extracting that quality, expressing that quality or wanting to prove that quality to the Bolton Wanderers cause, however, remains to be seen or developed. Is Premiership quality what we need? Do Premiership players get you promoted or do quality Championship players understand, succeed and escape the Championship league? Personally, barring several of the defenders, I would maintain as much of the current team as possible, add to the group this summer, blow, shake and throw the dice on them again for one more season.

For the most puzzling of questions, especially after the impact he would go on to make, why wasn't Craig Dawson's loan not restructured to run until the end of the regular season? I'm not saying it would have changed our fortunes or even led to getting that 3rd or 4th goal against Blackpool, but it may have limited the Tangerines to no or one solitary goal rather than the two which were decisive in our downfall. With or without Dougie at the helm this season, Bolton have shipped goals, but with Dawson in defence, we definitely solidified the back line. With Dawson in the team, we conceded 1 goal in 450 minutes of football at the Reebok. With Dawson back in the Midlands, we conceded 2 in 35. Dougie's team selection on Saturday wouldn't have been so glaringly daring had Dawson been in the line-up. Had it not worked out early on- which it didn't- in all probability, the score would have been 0-0 at the time of realisation, rather than 0-2 down and having the proverbial mountain to climb. With the back-line shored-up, the forward players are free to express themselves without having to look over their shoulders. I know Dougie was proud with the deal to bring Dawson on-board and he wanted to maintain his integrity by sticking to his word regarding the terms of the agreement. I get that, but this was for the chance to be in the play-offs. The chance of promotion from a long-time shambolic season. I'm not having a pop at Dougie, in fact, I admire the manager for his honesty. But would Fergie or Steve Bruce have let Dawson leave for no reason without trying to do a deal? I doubt it. I like we have a clean-cut manager and I hate bringing people like Fergie or Bruce into my arguments, but trying to tweak Dawson's deal so it ran an extra week is hardly trying to 'win at all costs'. Eh, Alex?

We're now heading into my favourite part of the year. Summertime is on the horizon and along with longer days, warmer weather (cough, splutter) and barbecues (cough, cough splutter) comes the transfer shake-up where the promise of a new season begins to blossom. I didn`t want to win promotion with a team that only wins 4 league games away from home with a defence that ships 41 goals in 23 away games. So, in a twisted way, I'm glad we missed out on the play-offs. I'm also glad because I want Mr Freedman to feel something. I want him to experience the acid build-up, burning sensation, which renders us fans unable to determine whether we just need to throw-up or require an ambulance. I'm sure he felt it as a player or manager of his beloved Palace. I wanted him to feel it at his new home, Bolton. When we lost Coyle, I'm glad we got a new man in charge who had no affinity for the club whatsoever. I wanted the new gaffer to be completely detached from his new surroundings so he could see exactly what needed to change. We did...and he did. Now, I want him to care about his surrogate family. I want him to feel the 20,000 hopeful pairs of eyes observing his every move. Whether he likes it or not, Dougie Freedman is starting a movement. Not only is he moulding a team in his vision- which I'm sure will continue to develop in the upcoming dealings- but Dougie is winning over a hostile crowd reminiscent of Rocky and the Russians. When the final whistle blew on Saturday and the realisation embedded itself into Dougie's gut, I wanted the acid to burn the lining of his stomach. I don't care if he likes me. I don't care if he likes the fans. I don't even care if he likes the chairman, owner or town. I just hope, at the final whistle, he felt like he'd been punched in the stomach by Ivan Drago. If he did suffer and what he says is true- that he knows what needs to be done- I believe Bolton Wanderers' pilgrims are being led to witness the occurrence of something very special. I'm a believer. Are you with me?

Writer:Mr Ecky: bwfc_85
Date:Sunday May 5 2013
Time: 10:24PM


Doug and Darren have both been very unlucky - however if - Palace did reach the OBSCENE DIVISION - and it is a MASSIVE if - surely Chris Eagles will be on the shopping list?
05/05/2013 23:21:00
Another thought provoking article. Thanks for that! Every so often, we come across a man or woman, a leader, who is different from the run of the mill. He or she has an aura about them, be it a touch of arrogance; supreme self-confidence or an ability to extract maximum effort and loyalty from others. In our case, a man who insists that he has the answers to Bolton Wanderers recent problems. A man, who as soon as he opens his mouth, people listen. Who believe perhaps that they are listening to a special talent. We've seen him work wonders at Crystal Palace over the last couple of years, and so know that he's no 'flash in the pan'. Even when he seems to pick the 'wrong' team, we try to understand how he is thinking. Because we believe in his ability, it's almost harder to criticise him. When he explains his motives to the press, it's much easier to grasp why he has acted the way he has over the last few months. You can see the plan. It isn't the proverbial 'rocket science', it is just plain common sense. I just can't see him failing! But, like everyone else, he's going to need a bit of brass to do it.....On the Dawson front, he was an immense figure in our team. His presence meant so much to everyone in it. He organised the back four; led by example; scored goals and allowed the mid-fielders more freedom. Like you,I couldn't understand why he wasn't contracted until the end of the Championship. And I take your point that plenty of other, shall we say, hard-nosed managers, would have tried very hard to keep him. I believe Dougie should have done, as well! Maybe it's a learning curve for him!
Barney Grumble
05/05/2013 23:30:00
Great writing and a really nice tone on which to close the season, however, the brutal reality of the professional game tells you in order to improve the playing squad you need money, last time I looked the club had very little money available. DF is not Jesus he cannot turn average players into something more than that and if the team is reliant on bringing academy lads into the ranks, everyone's expectations should be lowered success could take a long time, there appears to be no quick fixes on the horizon irrespective of rhetoric or belief. Big Sam was able to built a team good enough to take us into the premiership, this time around the task looks increasingly more difficult, the club appears to have far less resources at its disposal with which to help DF try and emulate Sam. In the absence of a surprise event such as several millions suddenly being found down the back of the sofa I fear our best chance of promotion has just past us by, for that I wish to thank Mr Gartside for the utterly disasterous protracted blind faith he showed to Coyle when the real damage took place, DF has simply been picking up the pieces ever since.
aussie mike
06/05/2013 00:34:00
When I said DF is not Jesus I meant it, he is a young relatively inexperienced manager capable of making mistakes and some of those I suggest have cost us dearly but I don't lay the blame on him for the heartbreak ending. Remember Palace benefited from the truly talented young players they have, capable of making even Coyle look good
aussie mike
06/05/2013 00:49:00
Let's just hope he can sniff out a few more Medo quality signings as opposed to the Butterfields, de Ridders and Halls of this world. Two cheap 15+ goal strikers for a start and 4 new mentally and physically tough defenders!
06/05/2013 00:51:00
Great article and I agree with the sentiment entirely. I think if we can keep the majority of the players we have and add a couple of key signings then we will be in for a good season next year. I agree mike that we will have qpr and reading to negotiate and some of the other teams will strengthen but we now know what is needed in this league and how to win in it. Qpr could well do a wolves as I can't see some of their 'superstars' playing in this league. Reading are a different proposition and I reckon they will do well. Of the other likely relagation candidates I see Wigan as the biggest problem as again these bigger clubs will struggle to adapt as we did.
06/05/2013 09:43:00
Now, as for players in and out I see one going who we need to keep in Alonso. I am sure there will be rumours regarding others such as Mavies, Chungy and Eagles and some may well go but I hope not. In terms of who we should show the door too I would say Ream and one of the keepers can go ( I don't mind which) Ngog has flattered to deceive for to long so should also be a candidate along with Sordell as it just hasn't worked for him with us and it isn't going to. Following what we have seen this year we must try to keep the following: C Davies as I reckon he will score at least 15 next season for us. Eaves, as he looks like he too will do well at this level. Medo looks like a more than capable replacement for Spearing and I can see the team built around him next year. Pratley who confounded his critics and was in the top five performers over the season. Eagles and Chungy go without saying along with Mavies and in Vela there is the makings of a good young talent. I expect a lot of you won't agree but Knight for me has to stay as he is another that has had a better than expected season. I also don't see anyone better at right back coming in than Ricketts or Mears. So that leaves a couple of obvious names missing, I like everyone else hope that students can rediscover the talent we have seen before, all be it in short periods but I do worry that having a player who is apparently prone to injury (even if not his fault) and who has not shown anything since his stuttering return as our great hope could be folly. Secondly Wheater, I hope that he returns after closed season with the strength and stamina that seem to have been missing since his return to fitness. So there you go, plenty there to disagree with I'm sure but isn't that the point of this section? I look forward to other peoples views on it
06/05/2013 10:23:00
Finally to Saturday and team selection. I was perplexed by hall being in the team but I think it was to combat the pace of ince which worked well while he was on. The only real disappointment was Ream in the end who looked like he was playing in slippers in the first half I don't know what happened to the player who joined and looked decent, maybe he lost interest when he wasn't in the premier league anymore?? I would like to have seen us go 3 at the back once 2-0 down by taking ream off and introducing Eaves. As it was it nearly worked out but who knew they would have 2 shots on target and score both?
06/05/2013 10:33:00
i'm pretty much always on the same wavelength as you bolton_gav but i have to disagree with with knight statement. the guy is a waste of space. i said it a while back that dawson was doing the job of two centre backs, and that was very evident in that performance. i very much understand knight's role as a sweeper, there extremely effective to have, Rio ferdinand has been doing it affectively for years and has built a career on using a partner to do the work load then make that critical block or tackle, unfortunately knight is no wher near as good as ferdinand, and i don't rate ferdinand that much aswell really. but if you keep getting dragged out of place, (which knight is always doing, your asking for trouble.) hes far to flat footed and i'm sick to death of seeing him in replays casually out of position jogging with his hand in the air. he didn't even attempt to block sylvestre's goal. and ream was abysmal in the first half, he definitely improved in the second but he looked like a little school boy in the first. would like to see mears back fit, he took allot of unjustified flack from the fans, i've never seen a right back in bolton shirt work so much down the wing and his effectiveness at stopping crosses was just brilliant.
06/05/2013 12:03:00
I base my opinion of knight on a couple of things. Firstly I have never seen anybody win so many defensive headers, I dread to think how we would have gotten on without that and second as you say with Dawson next to him the defence was pretty sound therefore is it not the case that it is he trying to do two mens work when paired with what have been awful partners. As mike has said the coffers are fairly empty so we need to be realistic about new faces hence my thinking above and I don't see us finding two better defenders than knight for no money when we need to strengthen elsewhere too. With you on Mears though.
06/05/2013 16:06:00
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